Do you love the location of your house, but want the functional and visual appeal of a modern home? Need to adapt your home to reflect recent lifestyle changes or allow for increased accessibility?

Whole house remodels are a great solution when you want to update the entire look and feel of your home without tearing it down and rebuilding it. Separate from a single room or partial home remodel, a whole home remodel allows you to change the entire style of your home, as there is no requirement to blend it with existing architectural features.

During a whole house remodel, the client moves out and Acton Construction comes in to tear down and rebuild the interior. While a client may incur some expenses in moving out and renting temporary housing, the design build construction process can proceed with greater efficiency because the job site does not need to be restored to a livable environment every day. We still manage debris and maintain an orderly job site, but not to the extent that is necessary when a family is staying in the home during a home remodeling project.


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